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Lindsey Corkhill (previously Stanlow and Phelan) was a fictional character in the British soap opera, Brookside, played by Claire Sweeney intermittently from 1991 to 1992. In 1995, Lindsey returned to the series full-time and remained until 2001. Lindsey later made several recurring visits in the series' final year. Her character was a bisexual woman.


  • Father: Jimmy Corkhill
  • Mother: Jackie Corkhill
  • Brothers: Jimmy Corkhill Jr (deceased), William Corkhill
  • Daughter: Kylie Corkhill
  • Cousins: Rod Corkhill, Tracy Corkhill
  • Uncles: Billy Corkhill, Frankie Corkhill (deceased)
  • Aunt: Val Walker
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