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Lilly Ann (Born Ashley Ames) is an American erotic, nude, glamour model, pornographic film and pornographic actress.

Early in her career she did Hardcore pornography videos. Later, however her work consists predominantly of solo and lesbian scenes. She was Penthouse Pet of the Month in March 2003. She has also appeared in other magazines such as Hustler, Barely Legal, and Club (magazine).


Lilly Ann was born Ashley Ames on August 15, 1983 in Miami, Florida, USA. She attended Cooper City High School from 1997 to 2001. Since her debut in 2001 (her first nude photo shoot taken 3 days after she turned 18), she has appeared in a number of adult websites, magazines, as well as videos.

Physical Markings: tattoo of female demon on rear left shoulder, birth mark on right rear cheek.

In February 2005, she had a baby boy with her long time boyfriend.

Notable Appearances in Adult WebsitesEdit

  • 18Eighteen (As Ivey)
  • AmateursGoneBad (As Lilly Ann)
  • Atkingdom (As Ivy)
  • Hustler's Barely Legal (As Ivey)
  • BrandNewBabes (As Lilly Ann)
  • Clubonline (As Ivey)
  • Crushphoto (As Tiffany)
  • (As Sloan)
  • CumFilledPanties (Lightspeed) (As Lilly)
  • Danni's Hotbox (As Lilly Ann)
  • Digital Dreamgirls (As Ivey)
  • Earl Miller (As Lilly Ann)
  • FastDates (As Lilly Ann)
  • FinallyLegal (As Ivey)
  • Hustler (As Ivey and Kayla)
  • Just18 (As Ivey)
  • Karup's Hometown Amateurs (As Lilyann)
  • Karup's Private Collection (As Ivey & Meena)
  • Hustler's Leg World (As Ivey)
  • Lightspeed University (As Lilly)
  • (as Lilly Ann)
  • LiveYoungGirls (As Ivey)
  • Lookergirls (As Ivey)
  • LustCircus (As Lilly Ann)
  • MatrixModels (As Lilly Ann)
  • Matt's Models (Lilly Ann/Ivy3)
  • NaughtyMag (As Ivey)
  • NewCummers (As Ivey)
  • NewNudeGirls (As Ivey)
  • Pantyhose.LA (As Lilly Ann)
  • Penthouse (As Lilly Ann)
  • Penthouse Letters (As Lilly Ann)
  • PinkFever (As Lilly Ann)
  • Ron (As Ivey)
  • (As Lilly Ann)
  • Suze Video (As Lilly Ann)
  • Swank (As Lilly and Liliian)
  • Tabitha' (as Ivey)
  • TeenDreams (As Lyndsey)
  • TeenFlood(As Lilly)
  • TeeniePanty (As Adela)
  • YoungPorn (As Ivey)

Notable Appearances in Adult MagazinesEdit


  • Pavel Dvorak
  • Richard C. Evans Photographix
  • Scott Evans
  • Matt Frackas
  • Ron Harris
  • J Steven Hicks
  • Matti Klatt
  • Mike Krukowski
  • Charles Lightfoot
  • Mark Lit



  • "The first time I had sex with a woman was truly amazing. My friend confessed to having a crush on me, and I was intrigued. We started making out, but really didn't know what to do past that. We needed some help, so I popped a girl-on- girl video into my DVD player and we copied what they did. You know what? It worked!"
  • "I enjoy being naked in front of people, I don't walk around nude at home, but when I pose for the camera, it's as if I'm a completely different person. I like that, and when I look at the pictures, I love what I see."

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