The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) describes itself as "a UK-based international Charity who are praying for an inclusive church".

The Gay Christian Movement was founded in 1976 with the Revd Richard Kirker as its first General Secretary. In 1977, local chapters were organized, followed in 1978 by the Women's Group, and by the Evangelical Fellowship in 1979 and Young Lesbian and Gay Christians in 2000. The name was eventually changed to the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement in 1987.

The Anglican churches in the British Isles are the main focus of LGCM activity, but its membership and interests are nonetheless entirely ecumenical and international.

The twentieth-anniversary event held on 16 November 1996 at Southwark Cathedral, with John Gladwin, then Bishop of Guildford, as preacher, was the occasion of both celebration and controversy.

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