The Lesbian Avengers is an activist group for queer women who want to promote lesbian issues and perspectives. The group aims to empower lesbians and all women to become experienced and effective organizers to take back their power and rights to live freely and unharmed. Since its founding in New York City by 6 longtime lesbian activists who had worked in different groups --Maxine Wolfe, Anne D'Adesky, Ana Simo, Sarah Schulman, Marie Honan, and Anne Maguire-- in May 1992, the group has worked mostly through direct action and street theater acts like fire eating. The British wing of the group was formed in 1992 by members of OutRage!

The Avengers work with (and for) women of all races and classes; bisexual, heterosexual, and queer women; and transgendered and intersex individuals. The group claims to emphasize constructive action against heterosexist, homophobic, heteronormative, classist, racist, sexist, and generally oppressive forces and institutions in society, in the lesbian community.

There are approximately fifty-five Lesbian Avenger chapters, five of which are international. No national organization or structure connects the chapters, which are locally controlled and operated. Each chapter of the Lesbian Avengers collaborates on major events like the annual Dyke March and larger, national protests. They also work in conjunction with other progressive groups in their respective communities.

They famously intervened when Sandi Toksvig was dumped by the Save the Children charity after coming out. Following protests organised by the Lesbian Avengers, Toksvig was re-instated.

The Lesbian Avengers use the following slogans:

  • "The fire will not consume us — we take it and make it our own", (chanted while other Avengers are fire-eating)
  • "Be the bomb you throw", and
  • "We recruit" (referring to the societal fear that homosexuals 'recruit' children).


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