The Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco (LGCSF) was founded in January, 1980, by Jon Reed Sims (1947-1984).[1] The world's first choral organization to use both "lesbian" and "gay" in its name, LGCSF is dedicated to building and enriching its communities through the universal language of music.

Leadership: Conductors Edit

  • Robin Kay (1980)
  • Pat Parr
  • Trent Morant
  • Michael Carlson
  • Jerry R. Foust
  • Stephanie Lynne Smith (2002–present)[2]

Awards Edit

  • Best Concert, Cable Car Awards (multiple recipient)
  • Bob Cramer Award for Excellence, Cable Car Awards, 1992
  • Arts Excellence Award, San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 1994

Recordings Edit

  • Together in Harmony (1994)
  • Wish You Were Here (2000)
  • 25th Anniversary (2005)
  • Group Therapy (2005)

Affiliations Edit

Notes and references Edit

  1. Sims also founded the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band and San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.
  2. Stephanie Lynne Smith biography

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