The League Against AIDS (Spanish, La Liga Contra el SIDA) is a Florida-based non-profit AIDS activism organization that is oriented to the state's Spanish-speaking minority population. It provides " a continuum of educational, supportive and case management services that address the needs of our AIDS clients".

All services are provided at no direct cost to the client and billed directly to Medicaid through the Project AIDS Care Waiver.

All of the medical and support provider services coordinated are also directly charged to Medicaid or Medicare."

The purpose of the corporation is to eliminate cultural barriers to resources utilization; this reduces the mortality and morbidity rates due to the AIDS epidemic in the Hispanic LGBT communities. We provide coordinated AIDS care management services in the areas of home based environmental maintenance, medical care, and emergency economic assistance. A client’s comprehensive plan of care is developed by assessment, addressing the client’s needs. The League does this in a fashion that will ensure optimal benefits to our clients, increasing their quality of life.

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