Lavender Magazine is a biweekly magazine, part of Lavender Media, published in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. It is distributed free of charge in the Twin Cites of Minneapolis and St. Paul and in some other cities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

The magazine was launched in 1995 for the Minneapolis-St._Paul|Twin Cites area. Minneapolis boasts the second-highest percentage of GLBT population in the nation, and among large metro areas, the 2000 Census ranks Minneapolis as having the third-largest concentration of gay and lesbian couples.

Lavender Media has grown to include the magazine itself and its online component, as well as a Yellow Pages edition, and several publications for the region's gay pride celebrations. The company also creates and distributes Wanda Wisdom, a daily podcast that mixes a talk show with comedic elements.

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