Laws against gay sexEdit

According to the criminal code from 1965, § 15, Offences against Morality Act, Article 144: homosexuality is an "unnatural offence" and is illegal.[1] According to Article 145 a prison sentence for perpetrators can be for up to 7 years.[1] Article 146 states those who commit "unnatural acts" with anyone under the age of 14 years can also be imprisoned for up to 7 years. Article 147 states homosexual acts, even in privacy are considered acts of gross indecency and can be punished with imprisonment for up to 5 years.[1]

President Yahya Jammeh, Gambia's military ruler, said in May 2008 that stricter laws against homosexuals would soon be introduced and vowed to "cut off the head" of any homosexual caught in his country.[2]

Protection based on sexual orientationEdit

There is no protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Recognition of same-sex couplesEdit

Same-sex couples have no legal recognition.

LGBT life in GambiaEdit

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