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Same-sex sexual activity is legal in Ohio.

Recognition of same-sex relationships Edit

In 2004, voters approved a constitutional amendment, Ohio State Issue 1, that banned same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state. It passed with 62% of the vote.[1] Domestic partnership registries were not affected, and several claims from supporters of State Issue 1 that claimed such registries conflicted with the amendment were dismissed in court.[2] However, the measure did affect the state's domestic abuse laws; which barred charges of domestic abuse from being made if they occurred within a same-sex relationship.[3]

Discrimination protectionsEdit

Discrimination based on one's sexual orientation and gender identity is prohibited only within government employment, under the Ohio Government Order. There are no statewide protections in Ohio for sexual orientation and gender identity outside of Government employment [1]. However, there is currently a bill in the Ohio Legislature to outlaw discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in various places (such as contracts, insurance, housing, employment, etc. - both public and private) [2]. The House Bill 176 passed the Ohio House by a vote of 56-38 [3], but the bill has been stalled in the Ohio Senate [4].

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