LGBT rights in Nepal are in a possible state of change, in light of a 2007 Supreme Court ruling. However, as of 2008. homosexuality and cross-dressing are criminal offenses.

Criminal Law Edit

Private, homosexual relations between consenting adults are a crime, with a maximum punishment of two years in prison. Cross-dressing is also illegal under various laws against public immorality.

2007 Court Decision Edit

On December 21, 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal ruled that the government must create laws to protect LGBT rights and change existing laws that are tantamount to discrimination.[1][2]

Politics Edit

The Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has made several homophobic statements. Party members have described homosexuality as "a production of capitalism" that "doesn't exist" under socialism, and LGBT people as "social pollutants."[3]

LGBT people in Nepal are represented by human rights group the Blue Diamond Society.

References Edit

Blue Diamond Society

External linksEdit

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