The total ban on homosexuality was lifted in 1794. In 1992 the age of consent was equalized to 16 years for both homosexual and heterosexual individuals. (new Section 372 Penal Code).

Protection based on sexual orientation in law Edit

Laws against discrimination on sexual orientation are in effect.

Recognition of same sex couples Edit

Civil unions are allowed in Luxembourg, where they are called Partenariat légal (French: legal partnership).

Gay life in the country Edit

Luxembourg is generally tolerant of homosexuality. A small gay scene exists within the country. A Eurobarometer survey published on December 2006 showed that 58% of Luxembourgians surveyed support same-sex marriage and 39% recognise same-sex couple's right to adopt (EU-wide average 44% and 33%). [1]

Rosa Lëtzebuerg Edit

The umbrella organization dealing with homosexual and bisexual issues is Rosa Lëtzebuerg[2] (Luxembourgish: Pink Luxembourg). This charity was founded on 26 June 1996 and had 220 members by 2004. Its aims are to promote the civil rights of homosexuals and bisexuals and to fight against discrimination against them, to work in terms of social, cultural and legal matters for full equality of homosexuals and bisexuals, and to organize social and cultural activities that are in favor of homosexuals and bisexuals.[3]

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