Laws against homosexualityEdit

Further information: Sodomy laws in the United States#State laws prior to 2003 invalidation

Homosexual acts are legal in Louisiana, previously criminalized until the state's sodomy laws (which applied to both homosexuals and heterosexuals) were struck down in 2003 by Lawrence vs. Texas.

Recognition of same-sex relationshipsEdit

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On September 18, 2004, by a significant margin, the voters of Louisiana approved a state constitutional amendment, Louisiana Constitutional Amendment 1, that banned same-sex marriages and civil unions. The measure did not ban domestic partnerships, however.[1]

Additionally, the Louisiana Civil Code prohibits same-sex couples from contracting to marry, and prohibits the recognition of purported same-sex marriages from other states.[2] Both articles were amended to include the prohibitions in 1999 by the legislature.

Discrimination protectionsEdit

Discrimination protections concerning employment within the state were allowed to expire in 2008.[3]

Hate crimes lawEdit

Louisiana is one of the few southern states which extended hate crimes protection to cover sexual orientation. However, this does not cover gender identity.[4][5]

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