Unlike in many other Muslim countries, Indonesia is relatively tolerant of homosexuality. As in many countries in South East Asia, it is a part of everyday life. Even in the media several gay or transsexual prominent people exist.[1] Nevertheless this subject is low key and not openly talked about. Several extreme Muslim groups have been known to attack LGBT person and/or LGBT-related events, e.g. at an anti-AIDS meeting in Solo, where the participants were attacked by a masked band of several hundred people.

Criminal Law Edit

Homosexuality is a not a crime when it occurs in private and between consenting adults. In 2003 legislation was proposed by the Justice Ministry to amend the criminal code so as to criminalize heterosexual and homosexual sodomy with up to twelve years in prison [1]. The proposed legislation would also criminalize cohabitation, adultery and the practice of witchcraft.

The national government has allowed local governments to adopt Islamic law and thus certain local ordinances have been adopted that prohibit homosexuality and cross-dressing [2].

Civil Rights Edit

In 1982 the first gay rights interest group was established in Indonesia. The "Lambda Indonesia" and other similar organization arose in the late 1980s and 1990s [3]. Today, some of the major LGBT associations in Indonesia, including "Gaya Nusantara" and "Arus Pelangi".

As of 2007, no law exists to protect Indonesia citizens from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Family and Marriage Edit

The law does not recognize gay marriage, civil unions or domestic partnership benefits.


Legal guidelines regarding HIV/AIDS do not exist although AIDS is a major problem in most countries in the region. Those infected with HIV travelling to Indonesia can possibly be refused entry or threatened with quarantine.[2]


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References Edit

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