Iceland, as in the rest of Scandinavia, is a very liberal country concerning gay rights. The majority of the public is supportive of homosexuality, and gay pride parades are held every August.

Laws against homosexualsEdit

Laws governing Homosexuality were repealed in 1940. There is an equal age of consent set at 14 years of age since 1992.

Protection based on sexual orientation in lawEdit

Laws for protection on sexual orientation are in effect.

Recognition of same sex couples Edit

Civil Unions between same sex couples became legal in 1996. There are also adoption laws, which include the right to adopt your partners' biological children. Hereto on June 27, 2006, a new law went into force, making same-sex couples eligible for all adoption and insemination purposes.

Gay life in the country Edit

Gay people have been represented by Samtökin '78 since it was founded in 1978. Campaigning for equality has changed the general attitudes of Icelanders over the years, and they are usually compared to the liberal attitudes of the other Nordic countries'.

Despite its small population, Reykjavík has a visible gay scene, with a couple of bars and cafés, and some places with a mixed gay and straight crowd. Elsewhere in Iceland, however, the sparse population means there is no gay scene.

Gay pride [1] parades happen in Iceland every August.[2]

Notes Edit

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