Finland as a whole is considered to be liberal on LGBT rights issues. Finland legalized same-sex unions in 2002.

Development of LGBT rights in Finland: A Legal Perspective Edit

  • 1889 Homosexuality was a crime in the new penal code and punishable by a maximum of two years in prison.
  • 1971 Homosexuality was decriminalized, but "promotion" of it remained illegal.
  • 1981 Homosexuality was removed from the illness classification list.
  • 1995 Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is prohibited in the penal code.
  • 1999 The Criminal code is revised so that there is no difference in age limits for sexual acts. The prohibition of "promotion of homosexuality" is removed.
  • 2001 The law on registered partnership is passed. It follows the same regulations as the law on marriages except for the name and regulations on adoption. First couples were registered on March 8, 2002.
  • 2002 The law on the gender confirmation of transgendered individuals comes into force.
  • 2004 The new equality act comes into force. The law prohibits direct and indirect discrimination and harassment based on age, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, language, religion, belief, opinion, health, disability, sexual orientation or any other ground in connection to the person.
  • 2005 The new act on gender equality comes into force. The act applies also for discrimination faced by trans-people. According to a statement given by government’s committee for employment and equality the discrimination regulations are to be interpreted in a way that they also cover discrimination based on a sex-change.
  • 2006 The law on assisted insemination (artificial insemination) is passed in the parliament. The law allows treatments also for single women and female couples. Before the law a number of clinics have provided treatments for female couples. Surrogacy is illegal.

A recent European Union poll puts Finnish support for same sex marriage at 45% [1].

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