Laws against homosexualsEdit

Homosexual sex, which was illegal in the Soviet Union, was legalised in Estonia in 1992. The age of consent is 14 years and was equalized for both homosexual and heterosexual sex in 2001. [1] Homosexuals are not banned from military service. There is no law against homosexuals.

Protection based on sexual orientation in lawEdit

As an obligation for acceptance into the European Union, Estonia transposed an EU directive into its own laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment from May 1, 2004.

Recognition of same sex couplesEdit

The government is currently asking for a public discussion on legal recognition of same-sex couples (see Same-sex marriage in Estonia).

Gay life in the countryEdit

There are several gay clubs in Tallinn. Pride parades have been organised since 2004. Elsewhere in Estonia, however, the sparse population means there is no gay scene.

A Eurobarometer survey published on December 2006 showed that 21% of Estonians surveyed support same-sex marriage and 14% recognise same-sex couple's right to adopt (EU-wide average 44% and 33%). [2]

References Edit

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