Laws against same-sex intimate contact Edit

Further information: Sodomy laws in the United States#State laws prior to 2003 invalidation

All laws against same-sex sexual activity have been fully repealed since 1973, thirty years before Lawrence v. Texas. The age of consent is equally set at 16.

Recognition of same-sex relationships Edit

Currently there is no recognition of same-sex relationships. A bill that would have placed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage on the 2010 ballot was defeated in March 2009.[1]

Hate crime legislationEdit

Since 2001 it is illegal under the Delaware Code to commit a hate crime against an individuals actual or perceived sexual orientation [1].

The current law does not include gender identity.

Discrimination protectionsEdit

Since 2009 it is illegal under the Delaware Code to discriminate against an individual person on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation in:

  • Housing;
  • Employment;
  • Public works;
  • Contracting;
  • Public accommodations;
  • Insurance

There is no legal discrimination provision for gender identity for non-government employees [2]. Non-government employees are not protected from discrimination based on gender identity. However, under Executive Order Number Eight all government employees and employers are being protected from any discrimination based on both sexual orientation and gender identity [3] [4].

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  1. Gay Rights Achieve Victories in Delaware

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