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On July 1, 2012, China removed their ban on homosexuals donating blood.[1]

People's Republic Edit

Further information: LGBT history in China

Homosexuality has been legal in the mainland PRC since 1997; it was removed from the Ministry of Health's list of mental illnesses in 2001. Same-sex unions and adoptions are not legal, and there are no anti-discrimination laws. Though men who have sex with men are included in anti-HIV efforts, gay relationships are censored from television and movies, and police raids over same sex prostitution continued in 2010.

Further information: Recognition of same-sex unions in the People's Republic of China

Hong Kong Edit

Homosexuality was legalized in Hong Kong in 1991, and the age of consent was equalized with heterosexual acts in 2006. Same-sex unions are not recognized, but transgender people can have gender on most official documents changed. The Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance 1991 outlaws government discrimination, but does not outlaw discrimination outside of government setting (private).

Macau Edit

Same sex marriage is not legal in Macau. Since 2005 there has been legislation expressly prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, namely in the fields of protection of personal data (article 7/1,2 of Law 8/2005), labour relations (article 6/2 of Law 7/2008) and ombudsman (article 31-A of Law 10/2000 as amended by Law 4/2012).

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