Right of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Chad are neutral. Homosexuality is not illegal, and there are no legal protections against discrimination of LGBT people. The legal standing of transgender is unknown.

Sodomy and age of consent laws Edit

There is no sodomy law in Chad. Homosexual acts are legal in Chad according to the Penal Code of 1967. Article 272 sets the age of consent for homosexual acts of both sexes to 21 years.

Anti-discrimination lawsEdit

There is no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Recognition of same sex couples Edit

There is no legal recognition of same-sex couples.

Public opinion Edit

Homosexuality is considered immoral in Chad, especially in the North, and is a taboo subject.

References Edit

President de la Republique, Code Penal, Code de Procedure Penale, Code de Procedure Civile, Code de la Nationalite, N'Djamena, 1st ed. 1967, 221 p.

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