Laws on Homosexuality Edit

As of 2004, homosexuality is legal in Cape Verde.[1]

Law History Edit

Cape Verde won its independence from Portugal in 1975. The new government kept the Portuguese Penal Code of 1866, which de facto criminalized homosexuality. The law called for fines supervision for first time offenders, while repeat offenders faced imprisonment.[2]

A new Penal code made in 2004 has now completely decriminalized homosexuality with an equal age of consent at 16.[1]

Living conditions Edit

In line with most other former Portuguese African colonies, Cape Verde is reported to be one of the most tolerant countries in Africa towards gays and lesbians.[3]

The U.S. Department of State's 2010 Human Rights Report found that "legal provisions helped provide protection for homosexual conduct; however, societal discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity continued to be a problem. There were no lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender persons' organizations active in the country."[4]


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