Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Barbados face legal risks not experienced by non-LGBT citizens. Homosexual acts are illegal in Barbados, with a life sentence; but the law is rarely enforced. The law is currently in effect, but under review.[1][2]

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  1. Capital Xtra - Gay around the world
  2. Staff (April 2010). Travel & living abroad (Barbados) - Local laws and customs. Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK). Retrieved on 7 April 2010. “Barbados, in common with much of the English speaking Caribbean, has a very conservative attitude to homosexuality and homophobic views are unfortunately common. Contrary to popular belief, homosexuality itself is not illegal although sodomy remains a criminal offence. However, the penalties set out in the 1992 Sexual Offences Act concerning sexual relations between members of the same sex are rarely enforced when this takes place in private. There is no overtly public gay scene in Barbados and no gay and lesbian publications. However, many gay Barbadian couples are known and live together without problems by maintaining a low profile.”

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