LGBT human rights are not respected in Bangladesh, and their appears to be no organized movement to advance such human rights. And such acts of homosexuality will lead to imprisonment up to at least 10 years or even face the death penalty.

Constitutional & Criminal Code Edit

The Constitution has several provisions that could apply to LGBT citizens [1];

  • Part I Article 2A - Islam is the official state religion.
  • Part II Article 19 - Promises equal opportunity for all citizens.
  • Part III Article 27- Promises equality before the law for all citizens.
  • Freedom of religion and the press are both promised, but subject to restrictions based on "decency or morality".
  • A citizen is not eligible to be a member of Parliament if they are convicted of a "criminal offence involving moral turpitude."

According to Article 377 private, adult homosexual sex acts are illegal and will be punished with deportation, fines and/or up to 10 years, sometimes life imprisonment. [2]. This legal prohibition extends to any sort of LGBT-human rights organization.

The national law itself is rarely directly enforced, there have been reports of incidents of vigilantism against people suspected of homosexuality being sentenced to death by a local fatwa [3].

Civil Rights Edit

No civil rights laws include protection for citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity. There is no known organization dedicated to the human rights of LGBT Bangladesh citizens.

In 2003, an Australian gay man, Professor Gary Dowsett published a report titled, "Men Who Have Sex With Men In Bangladesh" as part of a study on how the AIDS pandemic is impacting the nation.

The bulk of the report focused on male prostitution, but it did generate some public discussion about LGBT issues, with Indian movies and water poisioning being blamed for making homosexuality more common [4].

Family Edit

Bangladesh does not recognize a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership between adults of the same sex.

Most Bangladesh citizens are expected to marry someone of the opposite sex. A same-sex couple or union would likely face violent opposition, if not legal sanctions.


The Bandhu Social Welfare Society does provide some AIDS prevention education for men who have sex with other men [5].

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