Homosexual acts are legal in Andorra. The age of consent is 16 for all.[1] In 2005, they have legalized civil unions including having the right to adopt.

Laws against homosexualsEdit

It is unknown when homosexuality was legalized, but homosexuality is legal in Andorra according to the Penal Code of 2005.

Protection based on sexual orientation in lawEdit

Anti-discrimination laws cover sexual orientation and thus, discriminating against homosexuals is illegal. However, homosexuals can't give blood because of their sexual orientation, although it's against International Conventions.

Recognition of same sex couplesEdit

Since 2005, it has been possible for same-sex couples to register their partnership under the name "Stable Union of a Couple". Gay couples also have the right to adopt children.

Gay life in the countryEdit

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Notes Edit

  1. Spartacus International Gay Guide, page 1216. Bruno Gmunder Verlag, 2007.

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