LGBT Youth Scotland is an organization dedicated to the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) young people in the life of Scotland. It was established in November 1989 as the Stonewall Youth Project by members of the LGBT community in Edinburgh.

In April 2003 Stonewall Youth Project became a national organization and was incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee (Company Number SC244805) under the name by which it is known today. The National Head Quarters are in Edinburgh and other offices are located in Glasgow and Dumfries.

LGBT Youth Scotland provides a range of services and opportunities for young people, families and professionals which aim to increase awareness and confidence; as well as reducing isolation and intolerance. One of the services provided are several youth "drop-ins" across Scotland where young LGBT people aged 14-25 can meet and socialize as well as access services such as advice and referrals or free safe sex supplies. Another service provided is Equal Regard, a training program for professionals who work with young people which teaches ways of combating intolerance and homophobia.

Unlike many youth-steered organizations, LGBT Youth Scotland is not completely peer led, and relies upon experienced volunteers and paid staff to keep services running. The organization is one of the largest employers in Scotland within the LGBT sector.

LGBT young people are involved directly by their formation and support of Scotland's LGBT Youth Council. The Youth Council is made up of elected youth representatives from all across Scotland, and is responsible for gathering the views, issues and aspirations of Scotland's LGBT youth population in order to feed them back to the people who can make a real difference, such as Members of the Scottish Parliament and local authorities. It brings together youth groups as well as individuals under one umbrella organization. The service users elect two members of the Scottish Youth Parliament.

In 2004 the youth volunteers of the organization won the Philip Lawrence Award for Community Safety.

Their patrons include Robin Harper MSP, The Right Reverend Richard F Holloway, Rhona Cameron and Susan Deacon MSP.

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