The origin of the LGBT student movement can be linked to other progressive and activist movements from the mid-Twentieth Century. The civil rights movement, women's rights movement all have the similarity of Identity politics linking them to modern LGBT movements.

In the United Kingdom Edit

LGBT rights and LGBT social groups exist in most, if not all, universities in the UK. In addition, many Student Unions have elected LGBT officers on their executives, responsible for representing LGBT students, providing welfare and support, and campaigning on LGBT issues. The National Union of Students also has LGBT Officers on its executive and runs an LGBT Campaign. This exists to provide support to university LGBT societies and organise campaigns and training at local and national levels.

In the United Stated of America Edit

Florida Edit

In the state of Florida, a history of LGBT student activism has been documented as early as the late 1960s. The LGBT Student Union of Florida State University currently maintains video footage from the SUN Conference, a meeting of LGBT student activists in the state of Florida that occurred in the 1970s.

A renewed interest in LGBT rights brought about the formation of the Florida Collegiate Pride Coalition in 2003. This forum of LGBT college and university students in Florida is known to work with Equality Florida.


Multi Cultural LGBT and Allied Sorority

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