LGBT Cuba is a Canadian-based Cuban LGBT rights website. It was launched on July 26, 2008, and is run by Marcel Hatch, an American-born Canadian Trotskyist politician and LGBT rights activist.

It alleged that the Unity Coalition-sponsored but unofficial gay pride march (to be held June 25, 2008), which would have been the first on the island had it not been cancelled due to the arrests of the organizers, was a sham or front that was organized by the Cuban exile community in Miami in order to discredit the Cuban government's own recent moves to reduce its own long-standing repression of sexual minorities on the island.

Instead, the website promoted pictures and details of the first public gay gathering in the island's history, which was approved by the government-recognized National Center for Sexual Education (ran by Fidel Castro's daughter Mariela Castro); the event was held on the Mí Cayito section of Guanabo Beach east of Havana on June 14, 2008 to celebrate newfound pride and launch "Together with You" (Junto a Tí), a grassroots initiative to prevent the spread of AIDS among men who have sex with men.

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