Konrad Juengling is a political and LGBT rights activist from Portland, Oregon. He is also a writer and author.
Konrad Juengling
Alma MaterPortland State University
DegreeBachelors of Psychology, Minor in Women, Gender & Sexualities Studies
ResidenceBoise, ID

Juengling's articles on LGBT issues have appeared in The Washington Blade,[1] PQ Monthly,[2] GayRVA,[3] Purple Unions,[4] Q Center,[5] and other publications.

In 2015, he was awarded Huffington Post's Unicorn of the Week award for this activism in relation to Indiana's 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' bill.


Education Edit

Juengling graduated from North Salem High School in 2005, located in Salem, Oregon. During his high school years, he worked on the newspaper The Clarion and also on the yearbook staff. During his senior year, he was crowned Wintercourt King in 2005. 

After high school, Juengling moved to Portland and graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Women, Gender & Sexuality studies.[6] He wrote for the Vanguard, Portland State's school newspaper, and had a column dealing with LGBT issues called "Just A Phase."

In 2015, he began a Master's program at Boise State University studying Social Work.

Stances on LGBT issues Edit

Employment Non Discrimination Act: Saying that it is reprehensible that people can be fired for their sexuality, Juengling accused the 112th Congress of being an "oligarchic club with intertwined kickbacks, revolving doors, embedded lobbyists, super PACs and apathetic legislators" for not passing ENDA and the dearth of bills that had passed.[7] Seeing the Supreme Court's ruling on the Hobby Lobby case, however, has had him withdraw his support for the religious exemption clause in the current ENDA resolution.

Orson Scott Card: Citing that Card is on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, Juengling argues that any funds supporting his projects will find their way to NOM and in tithing to the LDS Church, of which Card is a member. Juengling writes, "Do we really want to be giving our money to someone that campaigns for inequality and social stratification of people according to his personal morals and laws that criminalize love? Do we want to line the pockets of someone who donates to a hate group? By spending money on this film or his book, or any other Card works, we’re casting a vote for a world in which the rights of gay people are nonexistent, and being gay is criminalized. We’re voting for a world that is dependent on one man’s extreme views; views that are hateful, spiteful, ignorant and demeaning."[8]

Salvation Army: Juengling advocates that people do not support the Salvation Army, positing that "homophobia is literally written into its handbook".[9] He goes on to say that "the Salvation Army is actively and institutionally homophobic and works against people in the LGBTQ community", and implores people to donate to other charities instead.[10]

2016 Presidential Race Edit

Juengling endorsed Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential race.[11]

Of Senator Ted Cruz, Juengling stated, "Senator Ted Cruz is his own biggest fan when it comes to his political aspirations and recent presidential bid. Despite having an abysmal attendance record on the Armed Services Committee, not recognizing our impact on climate change, and his insistence gays are waging a 'jihad' against Christians, Cruz believes he is the right man to lead the most powerful country in the free world."[12]

In December 2015, Juengling published a book on Jeb Bush called Jeb's ABCs. The book is a satirical children's book that points out Bush's policy positions and beliefs. The Huffington Post called the book "genius".[13]

Personal Edit

Juengling collects literature and helped run a gay men's book club at Pivot in downtown Portland.[14] He has three cats and lives with his husband Robert Peterson.[15]

Juengling's family lives in Bountiful, Utah. Bountiful is the "affluent suburb" located fifteen minutes north of Salt Lake City that has "remained largely immune from the housing volatility felt by much of the country."[16][17] His family are all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Juengling is the nephew of Dietrich Juengling, the emmy-nominated special effects artist. He is also the great-nephew of genealogist Sybil Gibson Higley.

References Edit

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