The Kings N Things are a drag king performance troupe from Austin, Texas. They describe themselves as "a performance troupe of humans who consciously perform gender in the spirit of non-conformity."[1] The troupe was founded in 2001 by Austinite filmmakers Mocha Jean Herrup and K Bradford. In the coming years, many performers came and left the group, most notably after a falling out between members in 2003. In 2006, Kings N Things combined forces with other local gender performers to host the 8th annual International Drag King Community Extravaganza as the Austin Dragsters. Kings N Things set themselves apart from other drag king troupes through a conscious effort to include diverse gender identities in their performances, challenging the gender binary. They also incorporate many political themes, most notably against rape, domestic violence, equal marriage rights, social equality, and the war in Iraq. The troupe was named "Best Drag King Group" in the 2002 Austin Chronicle Best Of Awards and consistently raises money and awareness for local charities and community organizations.

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  • The Kings N Things Official Website [2]
  • The Kings N Things MySpace Page [3]

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