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Transsexual entertainer Kimberly Devine was born in Louisiana in July, 1975. She felt restrained by her father’s position (a locomotive engineer), her mother’s businesses (childcare centers), and her uncle’s political position (mayor of her hometown) from indulging her identification with the female sex, which she felt from her earliest chil

Following her graduation from high school she worked at a gentlemen's club as a make-up artist. Feeling a need to "find herself", at age 17, she moved to New Orleans, where she saw her first transwoman and realized that her own dream of becoming a woman was possible.

Ms. Devine traveled to Hollywood, with Meghan Chavalier and another friend, April, returning for good soon thereafter. Her first professional job was as a model for Transformation Magazine, a periodical devoted to transvestites and transsexuals. She named herself “Devine” after a deceased friend when her choice seemed to be confirmed by the fact that, upon switching on the television set, Los Angeles news anchor Christina Devine appeared on the screen. Her modeling career led to opportunities to appear in adult videos, participate in paid telephone sex sessions, and perform Internet modeling. Her first adult film was "Transparent." She also danced at the Hollywood nightclub called "Crazy Girls" until she was fired because of her role in an adult video.

Thereafter, Ms. Devine signed an exclusive year-long contract with Devils Films. Making 12 videos per year and participating in public appearances, such as hosting Club 7696’s (also known as Peanuts’) Halloween Party and participating in the a transgender parade, being a guest on Reverend Dan's radio show, and attending AVN award shows.

Ms. Devine has elected not to have Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), believing that it takes more than “a vagina” to make a woman.

Kimberly Devine died January 29, 2016 in Los Angeles. No details have been released and her death was confirmed on Meghan Chavalier's Twitter page January 31, 2016.

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