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Kent Bradley James (born April 30, 1964 in Ogden, Utah) is an American rock musician and actor. He is also known as Nick Name.

Early life Edit

James attended Utah State University on a music scholarship before living in Argentina as a Mormon missionary.

1990s careerEdit

In the 1990's, James performed his original song "Out Of Control" on the TV show Star Search as "Kent & The Kommotion" and won the first round of competition. James acted in the TV series Emmanuelle in Space, Erotic Confessions, and Women: Stories Of Passion. James also acted in the music video "Silent Scream" by Richard Marx and directed by Kiefer Sutherland.

Nick Name Edit

In 2000, James created the moniker of "Nick Name", an out, proud and sometimes confrontational punk rock singer with his back-up band "The Normals".

In 2001, Nick Name performed a punk cover version of "Like a Virgin" for a Madonna tribute at the historic El Rey Theatre where he shared the stage with Gilby Clarke from Guns N' Roses. Nick Name and The Normals performed their original songs "Head Rush" and "I F***ed Your Boyfriend" on the "Tolerance" episode of "Flipped" on MTV.

In 2002, Nick Name and The Normals toured the gay pride festival circuit.

In 2003, Willamette Week proclaimed "If Kurt Cobain had stayed around long enough to come out of the closet, he would have sounded just like Nick Name..." and QX International Magazine featured Nick Name in a cover story. "The Original Position Featuring Nick Name" released a cover version of "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John. Nick Name and The Normals performed at the Sunset Junction Street Fair.

In 2004, a documentary film titled "Nick Name and The Normals" premiered in London, England.[1] Nick Name made a cameo appearance in the movie "Hellbent" in which he performed his original songs "Porno Di Giorno" and "Who's Your Daddy?".

In 2005, the final performance of Nick Name and The Normals was on the Q Television Network. "Blue Boys", the 10th anniversary issue of Australia's Blue Magazine, proclaimed Nick Name to be one of the "10 Hottest Men" in Blue.

2007-2008 Edit

In 2007, "Kent James: Decade of Dirt (1997-2007)" was released.[2] In 2008, James shared the stage with Lady Gaga at the San Francisco Pride Festival.

Recent history Edit

In 2016, James released "Best of James". In 2017, James acted in the romantic comedy "Captivating Carla".

Discography Edit


  • Paperback Romeo (1997)
  • Guilty Pleasures (1999)
  • Nick Name (2001)
  • POW! (2002)


  • "I F***ed Your Boyfriend" on "The Freak Show: Year One" (2001)
  • "Nick Name and The Normals" ("Nick Name" & "POW!" re-mastered and combined) (2003)
  • "Physical" on "Import Sound + Vision", "Promo Only", and "Screenplay VJ Pro-Series" (2003 & 2004)
  • "Porno Di Giorno" and "Who's Your Daddy?" on the "Hellbent" movie soundtrack (2004)
  • Decade of Dirt (1997-2007) (2007)
  • Best of James (2016)

References Edit

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External links Edit

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