Katja Johanna Alice Nyberg (born August 24, 1979 in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up in Finland[1]), is a naturalized Norwegian team handball player, currently playing for Danish club Ikast-Bording Elite Håndbold as well as the Norwegian women's national handball team.

Nyberg is the daughter of Robert Nyberg, the first Finnish handball player to play professionally abroad.[2] Katja was born while Robert was living in Sweden. She played in Sparta in Finland, before moving to Stockholmspolisens IF in Sweden, and later played for Larvik HK and the Slovenian team Krim Ljubljana.

She was voted Most Valuable Player in the 2007 World Women's Handball Championship,[3] where Norway won the silver medal.

She is a two times European Champion, playing in the Norwegian winning team in 2004 and 2006. Before debuting for Norway in 2001, she played for Finland. With the conclusion of the 2008 Summer Olympics Women's Handball tournament, she has played 99 games for Norway, scoring 321 goals.[4]

Nyberg played in the Norway women's national handball team that won the 2008 Summer Olympics Women's Handball tournament.[5][6]

She is in a long-term relationship with fellow Ikast and Norway player Gro Hammerseng.[7]


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