Gravitation character
Judy Winchester
Voice Actor: Naoko Matsui
Other Works: N/A
Full Name: Judy Winchseter
Birthdate: September 10 (Virgo)
Age: 32
BloodType: O
Height: 174 cm (5' 8")

Judy Winchester is a fictional character from the hit anime and manga series, Gravitation.

Basic information Edit

She is the wife of K. She shows up in volume 8 of the manga, at the premiere for her new movie. Her career is as Hollywood's biggest actress. She is also the mother of Michael Winchester, K's only child. Good friend with Bad Luck's latest manager, Reiji.

Judy shows up in Japan along with her bodyguard Ark (Gravitation) to kidnap Shuichi to America as a gift to Reiji. Even though Shuichi isn't compliant, her limited Japanese prevents her from truly understanding his feelings. That, and...she just doesn't care.

She loves K (or "Claude" as his real name) very much, but she's not above using the rivalry between Ark and K to her advantage whenever her husband opposes her. Ark for his part is very loyal to Judy and her pleas to him manage to get the better of her judgment (ex. destroying K before he does dirty things to her). However, she can be the voice of reason at times when fights involving K get out of hand; she'll step in and he'll stop. But for the most part she'll just let the violence ensue.

Check Edit

She is K's wife. She's a mother of one child. She's a hardcore professional, and her personality reflects that. She also knows K's full name .. Claude K. Winchester.

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