Jonathan Weed
Mr. Jonathan Weed is a character from Family Guy. He is the former boss of Peter Griffin and the owner of the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory. He was in the series from the first episode, to the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight", where he choked on his food and died. After this, the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory was torn down and Peter had to find a new job. Mr. Weed is a homosexual.


In the episode "Death Has a Shadow", Peter broke the penus off of the Statue of David and threw it through Mr. Weed's window. Mr. Weed cautiously looked around, and then picked up the penis and took it with him.

In the episode "A Hero Sits Nextdoor", Mr. Weed hired a good looking man named Gulliermo to be on the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory softball team. He clearly only hired him because of his looks. He was also seen using X-ray vision glasses on him.

In the episode "Mr. Saturday Knight", a home video of Mr. Weed was seen. A homosexual lover, who was either a boyfriend, a life parter, or a husband was seen recording him in his own home, while he was wearing his underwear and asking him to sing a song, much to his mild annoyance.