Jon Moss (born Jonathan Aubrey Moss, 11 September 1957, in Wandsworth, London, England) is the former drummer of the bands Culture Club, London (including their single Everyone's A Winner and album Animal Games), Adam and the Ants (drums on the song Cartrouble), and The Damned. He is also an ex-partner of Culture Club's lead singer Boy George. Their turbulent relationship apparently fueled much of Culture Club's success. Although Moss did not acknowledge the relationship with Boy George during the height of Culture Club's success in the 1980s, he did talk openly of the sexual relationship with George and his love for George during a brief Culture Club reunion in the 1990s. Jon is now in a heterosexual marriage.

In 1985, he did produce some tracks for a group called Woyehyeh.

Following Culture Club, he did release a flop single with the group Heartbeat UK called "Jump To It". He was also the producer of that record.

In 1989, under the name Rubberman, he did release one white-label of an acid-house instrumental track. His old pal Boy George used that backing track to create his own song "After The Love", which was released as a single on the Jesus Loves You name in 1989.

He was also involved later in another group, called Promised Land, circa 1991-1992. They did release some singles (Something In The Air and Circle In The Square) and a self-titled album. Unfortunately, it was not successful.

Culture Club reformed between 1998 and 2002 for some world tours, three singles (including UK top 5 "I Just Wanna Be Loved") and one album.

Moss is currently a member of the bands Fassbender and Dirth.

In July 2005, Moss played drums on the charity single, "People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me", written by journalist, Neil McCormick, to help the families of the victims of the terrorist bombings in London.[1]

In June 2006, Moss was rumored to be taking part in a reformation of Culture Club with another vocalist, after Boy George declined to take part. As of November 2006, it is reported that Moss, along with bassist Mikey Craig and tour keyboard player Phil Pickett, will be back on the road later this year as Culture Club Reborn.

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