John Hein is publisher and former editor of ScotsGay magazine - a monthly magazine that reports on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender life in Scotland. He previously edited Pulse and Gay Scotland, and he had a regular column in Outcast.

He is also director and chair of Pride Scotia (Edinburgh) (which organises the annual Pride Scotia March and Festival every two years in Edinburgh - next in 2009) as well as being director and chair of the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Community Project Limited, the Scottish charity which owns the Edinburgh LGBT Centre (oldest in Europe Edinburgh LGBT Centre]) at 58a/60 Broughton Street, Edinburgh.

In the 1980s, he was convenor of the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group (previously called the Scottish Minorities Group and subsequently Outright Scotland).

Hein was born in Kenya in 1957 and moved to Scotland in 1962.

John Hein has stood for election on several occasions for the Liberal Party (modern) (a minor party not to be confused with the Liberal Democrats (UK)) at European, UK and Scottish Parliament levels, having previously been a member of the original Liberal Party (UK). He is currently chair of the party and is an elected Community Councillor serving on Leith Central Community Council.

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