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Johan Paulik (born March 14, 1975 in Bratislava, at that time Czechoslovakia, now Slovakia), a Slovak pornographic actor (porn star) who makes pornographic movies exclusively for Bel Ami Productions. Like all stars for Bel Ami, which specializes in gay pornography, he looks to be in his late teens, with little to no body hair, a slim muscular body, a very boyish face, and a larger-than-average uncircumcised penis (18 cm or 7.1 inches).

Paulik maintains his heterosexuality, claiming that he enjoys sex with men not because he is a homosexual, but because in Prague there is a more open-minded attitude about sexuality. He both bottoms and tops in his videos. Many would refer to this as being "versatile". Many of his films have been huge successes. Sauna Paradiso is his biggest seller to date.

In 2000, he was inducted in to the GayVN Hall of Fame. In 2002, he became general manager for Bel Ami in Europe.

Print publicationsEdit

  • Bel Ami 1997 Calendar
  • Together - Bel Ami 1998 Calendar
  • Bel Ami Allstar Calendar - 2001
  • Mandate
  • Vogue Homme International, Spring-Summer 2001


(All films produced by Bel Ami Productions.)

  • 1994 - Sauna Paradiso
    • Lukas' Story
    • The Plowboys
  • 1995 - Lukas' Story 2
    • Frisky Summer
  • 1996 - Out At Last
  • 1997 - An American in Prague
  • 2001 - CoverBoys

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