Joseph "Joe" Jervis (born in North Carolina) is an American blogger and writer based out of New York City. He is the author of Joe. My. God., a personal blog which, since he first posted on April 27, 2004, has primarily covered LGBT news and opinion. He is the editor of the official annual publication for InterPride, and has also worked at a newspaper, a radio station, a television station, a theatre company, a record company and a magazine publisher.[1]


His blog became the center of controversy when a commenter, pseudonymed as "Jimmy", left a comment stating "all faggots must die" in September 2010. The commenter's IP address was traced to the staff office of U.S. Rep. Saxby Chambliss, a Georgia politician. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution[2] and the New York Times covered the story, and Chambliss issued a September 22, 2010 statement admitting the source of the comment as his staff office in Atlanta.


JMG received the inaugural GLAAD Media Award for Best Blog, beating out Andrés Duque's Blabbeando, The Bilerico Project, Rod McCullom's Rod 2.0 Beta and Pam Spaulding's Pam's House Blend.


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