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Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty (born July 10, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York), now living in Massachusetts.

Liberty is an expert and best-selling author on Microsoft .NET and has written over a dozen books on .NET, web development and object oriented programming. He has also written dozens of articles for both computer journals and newspapers on both technical and non-technical topics.

Liberty has served as Vice President of Technical Development at Citibank, as a Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T, and currently heads his own consulting business: Liberty Associates, Inc.

Liberty, an out bisexual, has been active in gay rights since 1971; former member of the Gay Activists Alliance, and is active in the Human Rights Campaign and the Massachusetts rights organization MassEquality. His coming out story was featured on the Human Rights Campaign Coming Out Page and his LGBT blog records his political insights.

Quotes Edit

  • "I never knew a programmer who didn't think he couldn't do UI, and I never knew one who could"
  • "Each time you miss a deadline, you make the next deadline easier to miss."
  • "Far more programs die from not shipping than from shipping with not enough features."
  • "The likelihood of hitting a deadline is proportional to the number of deadlines you've already hit."
  • "Comments rust; use longer variable names"
  • "You won't be in the room when your book is read. "
  • "We are so lazy, we'll work all day to save a few minutes doing a task — which isn't so crazy if we're going to do that task hundreds of times!"
  • "Monogamy is what you choose, bisexual is what you are."
  • "If the gay community can't embrace bisexuals, how can we expect the straight community to embrace queers?"

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