'Jennifer Diane Reitz (born 1959 in Baker, Oregon) is an American writer, webcomic author, and computer programmer, known for creating webcomics such as Unicorn Jelly, Pastel Defender Heliotrope and To Save Her, and computer games such as Boppin.

Reitz has created computer games and anime-style comics since 1981. Additionally, she writes game reviews and she co-founded a family company called Accursed Toys. Her family company originally founded, then sold, the early games website, which was, for a brief time, the most visited games site on the internet.[1] The proceeds of HappyPuppy made Reitz and her family a significant amount of money, but they have stated that most was lost in the "dot com" internet crash.

Reitz is also a transsexual woman who underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1982. Since her transition, she has lived in a polyamorous relationship with three spouses.[2] She currently lives in Olympia, Washington and considers herself agnostic. Reitz identifies as bisexual, leaning toward lesbian.[3]

Reitz created the COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory), a prototype test for people who think they might qualify as pre-op, pre-transitional male-to-female transsexuals, but feel uncertain. She claims on her transsexuality website that some medical professionals have adopted her prototype test instead of developing a better version, and she expresses mixed feelings about this. She cautions that the COGIATI has many flaws and is not a reliable test for diagnosing transsexualism/gender identity disorder. [4]


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