Jaymz Bee is a Canadian musician, writer and radio personality who was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario.

He was the lead singer for the alternative rock band The Look People from 1985 to 1994. When The Look People became the house band for Friday Night with Ralph Benmergui in 1992, Bee was the show's musical director. The band also backed up comedians such as Judy Tenuta, Harland Williams, Mark DeCarlo and Jim Carrey, performed on two Lollapalooza tours and performed extensively in Europe for several years. Following the end of the show, the band broke up and Bee began recording lounge music albums as Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra.

In 1997, he published the book Cocktail Parties for Dummies, and began hosting radio shows on Toronto, Ontario's CFRB (AM) and CFMJ (AM).

In 2002, he released a new album under the name Jaymz Bee and the Deep Lounge Coalition. He also began hosting radio programs on CJRT-FM in 2003. As well, has created concerts such as "Jazz Lives", an annual event featuring dozens of jazz greats at Convocation Hall, and invented a tour of Toronto clubs called "The Jaymz Bee Jazz Safari" which raised over $100,000 during a two-week fund drive.

When Bee isn't at the radio station he is still knee-deep in jazz, running a record label called Timely Manor (distributed by Fontana North / Universal Music Canada) that has released CD's for Kollage, Serafin, Marieve Herington, Colleen Allen, Babes in Jazzland and the Royal Jelly Orchestra.

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