Jaime Bayly (born Jaime Bayly Letts February 19, 1965 in Lima, Peru) is a Peruvian journalist and writer.

He is the third of 10 children. He attended the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (Catholic University of Peru) in the early eighties but never graduated. He recently divorced Sandra, the mother of his 2 daughters.

In Peru, as of April 2007, he hosts a TV show called "El Francotirador" and writes a weekly column for "CORREO", a local newspaper.

TV Host Edit

He has been a presenter of several Latin American television programs. He is currently the host of the interview show Bayly for WSBS-TV Monday though Friday, at 10PM EST Mega TV.. The program is an almost exact replica of his Peruvian program "El Francotirador" ("The Sniper"), with more expected references to Cuban and American culture and a wider diversity of fans.

Books Edit

  • No Se lo Digas a Nadie (1994),film by Francisco J. Lombardi in 1998.
  • Los Últimos Días de la Prensa (1996).
  • Fue Ayer y no me Acuerdo (1997).
  • La Noche es Virgen (1997).
  • Yo Amo a mi Mami (1999).
  • Los Amigos que Perdí (2000).
  • Aquí no hay Poesía (2001)
  • La Mujer de mi Hermano (2002),film by Ricardo de Montreuil in 2004
  • El Huracán Lleva tu Nombre (2004)
  • Y de Repente, un Ángel (2005), finalist of Premio Planeta
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