Ivan Jones was a fictional character appearing on the soap opera Emmerdale. He was portrayed by Daniel Brocklebank. He worked as a binman (trash collector) and was bisexual.

About Ivan Edit

Ivan came to Emmerdale in 2005 after breaking up with his wife. She had caught him in bed with a man and told the whole community he was gay. Ivan left after suffering homophobic abuse, and decided not to reveal his sexuality to the villagers of Emmerdale. He started working as a binman for the King family, with Jarvis Skelton as a mentor of sorts. He had a fling with Toni Daggert but he was really in love with Paul Lambert. Ivan told Paul he was bisexual but said he didn't want it to become common knowledge. Ivan and Paul started a relationship, but Paul couldn't handle the secrecy. When Paul dressed up for his drag queen act in the Woolpack, he told everyone that he had found a partner who was ashamed of him. During a break, Paul and Ivan went to speak to each other in the toilets, but Paul had left his microphone on and the whole pub discovered Ivan's sexuality. Ivan was furious with Paul but has now forgiven him.

Ivan is lodging with Nicola Blackstock and Simon Meredith, who up until recently were engaged. Nicola fancies Ivan and is trying to steal him off Paul, despite the fact that Nicola is Paul's sister. When Ivan knocked her back, Nicola turned nasty and led everyone to believe they were having a steamy affair.

With everyone believing the worst of him, Ivan found out who his true friends were and dejectedly realised no one would stand up for him. Although he was disappointed by Paul, he still loved him and after a few weeks tried to forge a reconciliation.

But Paul had had enough. Convinced their relationship only made them both miserable, Paul rejected Ivan and the brokenhearted binman went away to stay with friends while he recovered.

When he returned he started working as a haulage manager for Matthew and Sadie King’s new business – putting him in the middle of their war between them and King & Sons, his former employers.

Getting frustrated with his new job as a haulage manager, Ivan, along with best friend Simon, quit. On the 2nd August, they left Emmerdale for a new life in Costa Rica.

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