An interrogation scene is a form of BDSM roleplay in which the participants act out the parts of torturer and victim. As in real life torture chambers throughout the world over, the "torturer" uses threats, humiliation and physical pain to extract whatever information he believes the "victim" possesses. The game is over once the "victim" has broken and divulged his secret. The length and severity of the scene will vary according to the temperament of the players. Dedicated players attempt to replicate the atmosphere of a real torture session and, as in real life, the "victim" can expect to be stripped naked, tied up, mocked and abused.

Although it may seem distasteful to imitate real life human rights abuses, interrogation scenes are really about power exchange. By pretending to give up all rights to the "torturer", the "victim" is able to test his or her courage as, nude and helpless, he or she attempts not to talk in the face of mounting pain.

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