Inderdaad (Dutch for indeed) is an organization for gay, lesbian and bisexual people under 26. It is based in Hasselt, Belgium.

Inderdaad was established in 2001,as a non-profit organization, completely run by young volunteers.

Inderdaad's main focus is to inform people about homosexuality and to help people deal with their non-heterosexuality by bringing gays from all over the province together.

The volunteers support and listen to people who want to talk about their homosexuality or bisexuality, or who are having problems with their sexuality. They also go to schools, to inform high-school students about being gay and to clear up certain prejudices against gay people. Every first, third, and fifth Wednesday, Inderdaad organizes activities from 8pm til 10pm. These range from informal ones (bowling, games, movies) to informative ones (safe sex, bi-sexuality,...)

Because Inderdaad is part of the Flemish regional gay-youth organization "Wel Jong Niet Hetero" (Young, but not straight), only people under 26 are allowed to join.

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