Humiliatrix is a form of female dominant (see dominatrix) who humiliates the submissive partner. Humiliation play can include teasing, verbal degradation, orgasm denial, blackmail, monetary tributes, and public humiliation.

The term is a portmanteau that combines "humiliation" and "dominatrix".

The concept of the 'humiliation' fantasy is often directly tied into a BDSM fantasy. Foot fetishism is often brought into a humiliation fantasy. Some men in sado-masochistic relationships enjoy being publicly humiliated by being forced to tie the woman's shoes in public, lick dirt off of the shoes, or even remove the shoes and lick, kiss or smell the feet or boots in public. Such practices border on criminal conduct in less libertarian societies, thus they are normally carried on in outdoor locations, like pedestrian malls, as opposed to indoor locations.

Humiliation BDSM is also conducted through forced oral sex, or face-sitting where the woman sits on the partner's face and forces him or her to perform cunnilingus or anilingus upon her. Cuckolding is also a common practice within humiliation BDSM. The woman may take on a lover and force the weaker 'submissive' husband to watch. While most cuckolding fantasies are mutually agreed upon, there are situations where spouses will use such tactics for revenge or simply to humiliate their spouse.

Orgasm denial and chastity are other forms of control used for humiliation purposes.

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