Hothead Paisan is an "alternative comic" written and drawn by Diane DiMassa. Subtitled "Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist", it features the eponymous title character wreaking violent vengeance on male oppressors. Recurring characters include Hothead's cat Chicken, friend Roz, a talking lamp, and transgender love interest Daphne.

The series began in 1991 and has run to at least 21 issues, which have been collected as a 428-page trade paperback, The Complete Hothead Paisan, the page-count of which include a 10-page introduction.

At one point in the 1990s, there was a Hothead Paisan-themed "chawklit" candy bar available in at least two flavors, sold in comic shops, gay-themed bookstores and coffee shops. It featured the Paisan herself on the wrapper.


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