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Himeko Kurusugawa

Himeko Kurusugawa is one of the protagonists and the main heroines in the anime Kannazuki No Miko. She is The Solar Priestess. She is a lesbian because she's in a relationship with Chikane Himemiya.


Himeko is a beautiful teenager with very long blond hair. She wears a red ribbon. Her eyes are purple and her height is also medium. She is often shown wearing a school outfit at which consist of a red dress, black stockings and brown boots.


Himeko is a shy, innocent and timid girl who has the most sweetest voice out of everyone, but is uncertain of her own worth and abilities. This is mainly because she was orphaned at an early age in an unknown manner. She was initially adopted by abusive relatives before being moved to other relatives. At school, Himeko seems to have only one friend, her dorm roommate Makoto. Despite her timidity, Himeko gradually starts to display great determination and courage. Himeko and Soma are friends from their childhood.

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