Heterosocial describes social relations (or preference for such relations) with the opposite sex of the nonsexual nature. The opposite is homosocial, preferring relations of those with the same sex. Unlike homosocial, due to the nature, it can only be used to describe individual relations, as describing a grouping of more than 2 individuals must be either homosocial or bisocial, otherwise the group would be divided with areas of non-interactiveness.

Some Template:Weasel-inline take heterosociality to imply homosexuality. Despite this, it is not related, and often those who are heterosocial can be heterosexuals due to their comfort and ease of conversing with the opposite sex.

This is related to the idea that one takes on the attributes of one's social group, and that taking on qualities associated with the opposite sex might also imply taking on their overall sexual preference.Template:Sociology-stub

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