This article is about a comic book series; for heroes in comics, see superhero. For the comics associated with the TV show Heroes, see 9th Wonders!.

Template:Superteambox The Heroes are a team of fictional superheroes created by Milestone Comics and published by DC Comics. The team debuted in Heroes #1 (May 1996), and was created by Matt Wayne and ChrisCross.

Publication historyEdit

It was originally intended as a replacement in the Milestone line-up for Shadow Cabinet, which was not selling well. The series took several of the Shadow Cabinet's more appealing members and put them in a more traditional superhero team, along with Static, a popular solo character. As Milestone's overall sales continued to decline, it was changed to a limited series. Milestone canceled the remainder of their ongoing series shortly thereafter. Heroes was notable for including Donner and Blitzen, an openly lesbian couple in an otherwise "mainstream" superhero series.

The team consisted primarily of refugees from the Shadow Cabinet, a covert organisation dedicated to saving humanity from itself, through questionable means. Fed up with that mode of operation, they and some allies established themselves as an above-ground superhero team, named (off the cuff) "Heroes".


  • Blitzen - Valerie Kameya, a Japanese speedster.
  • Donner - Gerri Brauer, a German strongwoman,
  • Iota - Isadora Wellington-Smythe, a young woman with shrinking powers and a satchel of shrunken technology.
  • Payback - Kevin Franklin, large yellow-green skinned bang baby with superhuman strength and durability.
  • Starlight - Stella Maxwell, is an astronomer with various electromagnetic abilities. She is a "human pulsar".
  • Static - Virgil Hawkins, a teen with electromagnetic powers.

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