Heinkel Wolfe (ハインケル・ウーフー Hainkeru Ūfū?) is a Catholic assassin who work for the Iscariot organization in the manga Hellsing, and is promanently featured in the manga series Crossfire.

She is a pistol wielding assassin for the Iscariot organization, partners with Yumie, and dresses like a priest. She acts as a bodyguard for Enrico Maxwell in Hellsing volumes 4 to 5 and is later seen, along with Yumie, among the brigade of Catholic priests sent to apprehend Integra under Father Anderson's leadership. In Chapter 74, she is shot in the face by The Captain. The bullet entered through her left cheek, exited through the right, and severely damaged the right side of her face. Heinkel is bewildered as the Captain gestures to her with his head, which she interprets as "Stay out of the way". He tosses her a first-aid kit, and Heinkel realizes that the Captain spared her life when he could have easily killed her. After seeing Yumie's remains, a bandaged and enraged Heinkel swears revenge on Walter, and takes a sniper rifle from the small group of remaining Iscariot priests. While Walter is distracted by Alucard's remains, Heinkel shoots him through the chest with her sniper rifle.

Recent remarks made by Hirano in a December 2005 issue of "Puff" magazine, in which he was interviewed about the upcoming Hellsing OVA series and Hellsing in general, have shed new insight into Heinkel and her curiously masculine appearance. It seems she is "neither male nor female"; possibly intersexual, though given Hirano's frequent ironic remarks, the validity of this statement is disputed. Note that the obviously female Heinkel Wolfe in Crossfire is a completely different character, and the two shouldn't be confused with each other (though in one one of the chapter covers Maxwell expresses surprise to see that she was a woman).

Heinkel makes a couple of small non-speaking appearances in Hellsing OVA 4, shooting a corrupt priest under Maxwell's order and later aiming her pistols at Schrödinger when he unexpectedly materializes at the Hellsing-Vatican meeting with the Queen of England. Heinkel can also be seen briefly in the trailer for OVA 5.

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